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Sulphur Forming


Solid sulphur is needed to manufacture fertilizer, clean wastewater, rid wine of bacteria, strengthen rubber for automobile tires and develop certain types of antibiotics. Oxbow Sulphur is developing a series of state-of-the art facilities that will convert molten sulphur into solid, low-dust pastilles, making it easier for producers to transport sulphur quickly and efficiently to markets around the world.

Minimal Impacts

Oxbow’s forming plants are equipped with the latest safety and odour suppression systems, eliminating impacts to our neighbors and surrounding communities. Our new facility in Southampton, England has actually reduced the amount of truck traffic from the country’s motorways and resulted in a more improved environmental footprint.

Future Growth

Oxbow Sulphur is currently working to build a similar state-of-the art facility in the Alberta region of Canada that will safely remove the large sulphur blocks in the oil sands. Canada is currently a leading exporter of sulphur and transports it to about 20 countries including China, United States, Brazil and Australia.

Michael Verachtert
Vice President, Business Development
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