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Built in 1993, Oxbow’s ECL facility produces smokeless briquettes for the United Kingdom home heating market. Soaring energy costs in the UK have seen a dramatic increase in the number of homes seeking supplementary heating, particularly stoves. Industry statistics suggest that over 150,000 new home heating stoves were installed in the last year alone, creating a renaissance in the growth of good quality manufactured fuels.


ECL is located in Newfield, a short distance away from the historic and beautiful city of Durham. Started by the Bartlett family, the facility produces a range of briquettes for multiple markets. Shaped as either an ovoid, or the familiar square, Oxbow’s briquettes combine petroleum coke, anthracite, and a binding ingredient to produce a robust yet responsive fuel. The near smokeless product, less than 15% volatile matter, provides an affordable home heating source to many of the traditional users of solid fuel in the UK. As a result, thousands of families can reduce their home heating bills while enjoying the warmth and ambience of a stove or closed appliance.

Customer Satisfaction

ECL is managed with the same high standards with regards to health, safety and environment. Our product has seen a threefold increase in sales over the past five years.

Mike Cusick
Commercial Director
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