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Oxbow ships millions of tons of petroleum coke, coal and other products annually on inland and coastal waterways throughout Asia, North America and Europe. By working directly with all the major barge lines, we are able to provide our customers with extensive industry knowledge, resources and competitive rates due to our considerable market position.

Barge Expertise

Barging operations run the gamut from routine to complex. Our barge masters provide careful supervision, technical knowledge and the expertise essential for traversing the variety of ever-changing river, coastal and inland waterways. Oxbow is always in careful compliance with local and national environmental and regulatory requirements applicable to such complex logistics.

Throughout Europe, China, and North and South America, Oxbow manages millions of tons of just-in-time deliveries for our customers by barge. Oxbow coordinates mid-streaming operations, transshipments and loading and discharging operations at public and private piers, on remote waterways, and in major ports. Oxbow’s varied inland and coastal barging program means our customers can count on their cargo arriving on time.

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