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Oxbow Brasil Energia


In 2007, Oxbow Carbon LLC engineered and constructed the first of two petroleum coke distribution facilities in Northern Brazil. We opened our first distribution facility in the port town of Cabedelo, and our second in Barcarena, Brazil. Combined, these facilities can handle up to a million metric tons of petroleum coke annually, which is used primarily for the cement and steel industries. We have 50 full time employees and employee numerous outside contractors, all of whom live in the neighboring communities.

Terminal Cabedelo

Cabedelo is the larger and older of our two storage facilities. This petroleum coke storage facility is located in the state of Paraiba. Oxbow opened the 24.7 acre facility in 2007. The storage yard blends and screens petroleum coke for the steel and cement industries.

Building Strong Communities

As part of Oxbow’s commitment to give back to the local community in which it operates, the company has annually donated to the local Cabedelo elementary school system, funding computer science labs and other initiatives for residents in this port town.

Terminal Barcarena

Barcerena, the smaller petroleum coke storage facility, is located in the state of Para. Oxbow opened the 11 acre site in 2012 to support the growing steel and cement industries. The facility has blending and screening capabilities.

Erv Myers
Sr. Vice President, Terminals and Operations
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