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Utility Operator


USA - TX - Port Arthur - OCI

Job Category: 


Education Level: 

Bachelor's Degree


Full Time

Job Description: 


Responsible for assisting the senior operator in the operation of the kilns to ensure maximum contributions to the safety, quality and productivity of the plant.

Essential Job Duties:
Collects calcined coke samples for quality control analysis. Performs special collection and analysis as needed.
Prepares calcined coke samples for real density test.
Cleans up spillage and reclaim uncontaminated coke.
Operates all mobile equipment required to perform job duties and check oil, water, battery and fuel.
Observes calcining operations in the course of performing job duties and promptly report unusual happenings to the senior operator.
Makes minor repairs and adjustments to equipment. Assists maintenance personnel on an as-needed basis in the repair and adjustment of equipment.
Notifies senior operator whenever leaving work area.
Maintains emergency equipment, such as flashlight, rain suit, and kiln drive bolts, for possible use during a storm.
Maintains availability when on standby during off-duty hours.
Ensures that the work areas, equipment, and work practices are in compliance with the regulatory codes, statues, and company requirements.
Reports all injuries, regardless of seriousness, immediately to the supervisor.
Advises the supervisor on matters relating to the improvement and the continued safe functioning of plant equipment and facilities.
Assists in the development of written safety procedures prepared for jobs performed in the material handling department.
Follows ISO procedures to complete duties as required by the job specification.
Advises the supervisor on matters relating to the improvement and maintenance of coke quality and workmanship.
Makes recommendations whenever possible regarding potential improvements in operation or maintenance of plant facilities through changes and modifications in material, equipment, procedures and schedules.
Ensures compliance with safety, personnel, timekeeping, payroll, attendance and other plant procedures or guidelines.
Maintains communications with the supervisor and coworkers on matters concerning daily activities.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
Communicates clearly and concisely in a variety of communication settings and styles. Effectively tailors the message to the needs of the audience.
Establishes goals and objectives which are specific, measurable, achievable and relevant.
Lays out work in a well-planned and organized manner.

Education and Experience:
Bachelor's Degree preferred. Associates Degree required.

Physical Requirements:
Typically works in plant environment, which may include extreme working conditions and inclement weather conditions.
As needed, lifts, carries or otherwise moves and positions objects weighing up to 50 pounds.
Must be able to work in confined spaces and in elevated work areas.
Must be able to handle working with coal and petroleum coke products and be around vapors with respiratory protection.
Must be able to work with wrenches, pipe wrenches and other tools; requires turning and tightening nuts and bolts.
Must be able to load and unload heavy equipment, either with manual labor or by operating heavy machinery.
Must be able to pass general physically fit testing.
Must train in safety and hazmat requirements at the facility.
Must be required to move about to coordinate work.
Ability to communicate or exchange ideas by means of verbal or written word to impart information to clients or to the public and to convey detailed instructions to other workers.
Work may require occasional weekend and/or evening work.
Must be able to travel as needed.

If you would like to apply for this job, submit your resume with a cover letter to:

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